STEPN teams up with ASICS and Solana for Web3 fitness industry

Members of the STEPN team are ecstatic to finally share the news that their company has partnered with ASICS and Solana. This act of bonding was performed with the objective of advancing and developing the Web3-related fitness sector as a whole. This was accomplished through careful selection and concentration on ASICS.

The ASICS X SOLANA UI Collection is the most recent joint venture between the two companies. The GT-2000 shoes in this collection have been modified specifically for use in running. In addition, a token-gated experience will be made available in this scenario. All customers who shop on the online store will be eligible to receive an ASICS loyalty badge NFT, which will be passed on with each transaction.

The ASICS X SOLANA UI Collection is the first ever physically distributed product that can be purchased with USDC on Solana Pay.


This will thereafter lead to the opening of doors associated with a raffle for receiving an airdrop of a fixed number of ASICS-STEPN OG SOLANA NFTs. According to trustworthy sources from the STEPN organization, they are all on the same page regarding the possibilities and prospects that will indeed be opening up in front of them to make the ultimate Web3-based fitness industry upgrades. In addition, they are all optimistic that these improvements will become obvious in the near future.

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