Steve Aoki Backs Crypto With a Firm Belief in Web3

Steve Aoki is not just a DJ anymore. He is also half crypto-man who strongly believes that cryptocurrency will become an exchange in the future. He has also expressed his belief in the overall growth and adoption of the Web3 sphere.

At the age of 44, Steve Aoki eyes to continue exploring digital space like a child to dive as deep as possible.

He recently interacted with the media and answered a few questions. Highlights include Steve siding with the crypto community and proudly endorsing Web3 for a better-decentralized future.

Steve Aoki started his crypto journey in 2017 by investing half a million dollars in Bitcoin and Ethereum. The price first shot up by $8,000; however, it followed a sharp decline. Steve decided to hold the currency even when it reached $4,000.

Everyone concluded that there would be no value to the cryptocurrency. Steve thought otherwise and decided to keep his portfolio intact. A few years later and the cryptocurrency did erupt to touch greater heights.

What attracts him to the crypto space every day is the volatility which makes him feel like part of gambling content. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, and prices fluctuate with no trend in particular.

Steve Aoki remained confident in the crypto space as he was sure the value would not become zero dollars. His concern was when the wider adoption would begin.

Non-fungible tokens became the next stop in his roadmap amid the rise of altcoins. He started with Shiba Inu and Dogecoin to eventually explore the exhibition of digital artworks. NFTs called out to him as Steve could relate to the basic idea of creating NFTs – identity, ownership, and community.

Calling himself a crypto guy, Steve Aoki said that cryptocurrency was the future, and he would keep investing his money in the sector.

However, Steve has denied having heartstrings attached to crypto, saying that he would never have the BTC symbol on his body. He would rather display art with a story behind it and deeper meaning.

Like the community members, Steve is riding the bull for NFTs. When asked what made him bullish on NFTs, Steve replied that NFTs and metaverse exist based on Proof of Concept with a significant impact in real life. Shedding a little more light on the metaverse, Steve said that the landscape of interaction of how we interact would change.

Engagement in Bitcoin casinos will be equally affected majorly for the best. If the metaverse improves, then social interactions will go on to offer a more immersive experience. The integration of cryptocurrency has already erased regional boundaries. It is now up to the metaverse to bring everyone closer, virtually.

Social media proves that interactions will occur until users are comfortable with the technology and the platform. Metaverse will bring in a difference of giving ownership to the users instead of selecting representatives of a social media platform.

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