Stiff Competition to Spotify- You can Now Earn BTC for Streaming Music with Feedbands

The Spotify competitor- Feedbands is in for raising the bar of the game. Feedbands is a streaming service that encourages independent artists, just like Spotify. To ace the competition, Feedbands is now offering both the artists as well as the customers a chance to earn Bitcoin BTC. This will be done through the pay per stream feature of the streaming platform. To push the earnings further, the consumers can earn a little extra by referring to other users. With every valid ‘music streaming’ the user can earn more Bitcoins.

Right now the streaming platform is into testing the Lightning Network LN. The tests are going on with a clear view of increasing the speed of transactions and also to lessen the transaction costs. Feedbands sees the Lightning Network LN can be an excellent way to generate micropayment economy that can be incorporated into their music streaming services. The music industry is a multi-billion industry, and one can only imagine the future growth of the company if the tests gel well with the company’s aims.

The energy-hogging cryptos and a thought for the environment-

Bitcoin along with other cryptos are often criticized for their energy-hogging nature. As per the former economist- Read-

“Per MW of capacity, crypto miners create one ‘one hundredth’ of the jobs we would typically see from an industrial user with the same power needs.”

He further argued that

“typically, if a company moves into the area they will build a factory– that takes six months, offers jobs and invests them in the area. Crypto miners can come and go in a weekend– it is the most footloose industry I have ever seen, the most energy-intensive industry and the least labor intensive.”

On the other hand, Feedbands is spreading its wings into other realms too. The company has partnered with ‘Trees for the Future.’ The music streaming platform supports and works for the climate change cause. It supports by planting a new tree with every qualified music stream. Recently on Twitter, the company posted-

Indeed it is an interesting way to incorporate cryptocurrency growth and environment care. This vision of Feddbands of proving the ‘proof of work’ PoW algorithm of Bitcoin can also have environment-friendly results, is surely a win-win situation. It wins the consumers both at the technical level as well as emotional level.

Bitcoin was not Feedband’s first choice though-

In order to pay the customers, the company chose Dash as the first choice, because of its advanced features that include instantaneous transactions, the recent strong market dominance of the cryptocurrency in the past few years that has made it the third most profitable crypto ever.

More on Bitcoin-

Recently BTC broke the key 3900 U.S. Dollars resistance. The rates have seen a raise and are set to bring in more gains. On the four hours chart of the BTC/USD pair, there has been a bullish trend with the support at 3,900 U.S. Dollars. It has crossed the 4000 U.S Dollar mark in the past 24 hours and thus has turned the market green.

According to Coinmarketcap, the crypto has been trading at 4,026 U.S. Dollars with a loss of 0.47 percent in the past 24 hours. Yesterday the crypto was trading at 4,174 U.S Dollars.

Bright future for Bitcoin-

Tom Lee has predicted sunny days for the world’s largest crypto. He said-

“I think 2019 is a year about repair. We have a risk on rally in global markets that is positive for Bitcoin; it was a headwind last year, and the dollar is not surging like it was last year. That was a headwind that has gone away.”

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