StormX & Chainlink Price Feeds to Fuel the First NFT Sale

StormX has recently announced that they have wrapped up with the first phase of Chainlink Price feed integration. Along with this, they are planning to launch SeleCT x StormX NFTs. The integration is already live on the Ethereum mainnet and involves Chainlink Price Feeds for ETH/USD, STMX/USD, and USDT/USD.

Reasons for StormX selecting Chainlink

Chainlink is time-tested and a vastly adopted tokenized oracle platform. Also, as per Chainlink price prediction, the coin exhibits a flourishing time ahead. The platform is already securing billions of dollars for leading NFT and DeFi projects. According to the Head of Marketing at StormX, Matthew Chuen, Chainlink Price Feeds uses a decentralized oracle system and high-quality data to provide users with hefty assurances that they will get fair and updated exchange prices on all platform transactions. He added that Chainlink Price Feed eradicates central point failure and rescues slippage leading to higher user experience. Consequently, the users of StormX will get to purchase NFTs in cryptocurrencies for a fixed amount starting with ETH, USDT, and STMX.

Advancing the StormX ecosystem with Chainlink Price Feeds

The users of StormX are aware of the intuitive platform that permits cryptocurrency earning via online shopping. Apparently, StormX supports almost 800+ stores working online. Also, they offer 87.5% cryptocurrency cashback on purchases.

The initial stage of efficiently utilizing Chainlink integration will be the NFT sale. The partnership with Kevin ‘SeleCT’ Ryoo, StormX have spiked ‘Sup Son? Shrug’ emoji usage on the global front. This emoji was vastly used in eSports matches by the players within the team to flaunt the victory sarcastically.

According to Chainlink’s Head of Partnerships, Daniel Kochis, they are delighted to support StormX with a Decentralized token oracle for users to experience security and updated exchange rates while purchasing StormX NFTs or making any other transaction. He said they are prospective to provide more decentralized services and advance data to StormX in the future for better user experience enhancement.

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