Strategic Partnership Takes Place Between Mercurial and Serum

Mercurial and Serum have joined hands for collaboration to enhance Solana’s utility and asset liquidity. 

The said partnership will start with Solana’s foremost on-chain cross-protocol aggregator. Mercurial has partnered with Serum,  enabling traders to smoothly switch from the main stablecoins on Mercurial to any single or low slippage transaction on Serum. 

Reportedly, there would be an array of important projects on leveraging the comprehensive liquidity of Serum, supplying liquidity to the order books of Serum, and collaborating on community awareness and education content. 

Strategic partnership and plans

Serum is among the biggest sources of liquidity on Solana. Serum supports the biggest range of pairs and provides deep liquidity to those.  A number of other decentralized exchanges in Solana share liquidity with Raydium, the decentralized exchange of Serum. Therefore, the collaboration with Serum would open doors for drawing liquidity from the other decentralized exchanges. 

At Mercurial, there is minimum slippage and some of the deepest liquidity amid all the premium stables on Solana, making it a profitable and apt integration for Serum. 

The integration should be seamless, and therefore they have architected ‘unique on-chain programs’ to handle frontend information, manage the conversations between Serum and Mercurial and give back the value to the customers. All these carry key benefits for users. 


Solana enables UI-level composition of instructions, making it essential at the primary level. Here are the notable aspects of the same: 

  • It clearly simplifies all instructions. 
  • While comparing two cases, there is the need for an aggregator, which will reward 2002 MER post-transaction. 
  • There are minimum rates and others.

Future of Serum Partnership

The said partnership between Serum and Mercurial is the first brick, and there is a castle to be built. Many projects will come along in the future. Their futures look bright and promising.

David Cox

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