STYNGR Teams Up With Armada Music and Blockchain Ecosystem onXRP

Styngr, the first music integration platform for games and the multiverse, is excited to announce its partnership with blockchain pioneer onXRP and blockchain partner Ripple for the possible free battle royal running game Maladroids on the XRP Ledger (XRPL).

The collaboration will feature an in-game radio program with a carefully selected electronic dance music (EDM) song list in collaboration with music company Armada Music, along with an industry-first step to reveal unreleased tunes from Kryder and Tom Staar, 2 significant performers of the Genre. The collaborative effort is to publish the very first level in late September.

Maladroids, a game created by onXRP, will feature ten-person teams of players competing as Autobots over an endurance challenge while employing quickness and agility to push over rivals and sprint to the end of the race. In later editions, different game modes and locations will be included.

Empowered racers may employ the platforms’ and underlying blockchains’ native tokens, $XRP and $OXP, in a cumulative pooling, with the winner being the first to cross the finish line. This is made possible by onXRP’s staking mechanism, which enables play-to-win possibilities. The XRP Ledger (XRPL), an open software, accessible, and decentralized Layer 1 blockchain, is now home to the first game, Maladroids.

Styngr is collaborating with Dutch creative music company Armada Music to bring together two significant EDM artists, Kryder and Tom Staar, to create a partnership for the in-game radio program. Styngr will collaborate with Ripple via technological integration to extend its efforts in the crypto field. In an unprecedented move for the gaming industry, Kryder and Tom Staar will include 2 additional tracks from their partnership into the title each month for the initial six months after release. The game will incorporate more audio emoticons and sound NFTs after it launches.

Styngr offers developers the best collection of fully licensed popular music to integrate into their gameplay and eliminates the barriers usually associated with music licensing, creating opportunities for commercialization to devs of all dimensions thanks to collaborations with some of the biggest players in the industry, such as big labels and publishing houses.

The Maladroids, a leading blockchain-based games, has an ability to smoothly launch a complete album is a ground-breaking innovation. Styngr is excited to work with music labels like Armada Music to offer fresh music featuring some of the biggest names in electronic dance music to blockchain gameplay that takes advantage of the best-in-class features of the XRP Ledger. It is exceptional to do all this in a game as entertaining and tough as Maladroids.

Armada Music has been able to co-create a customer experience in this game, Maladroids, with all these incredible partners, musicians, and dancing producers. Electronic music has always been at the cutting edge of technological advancement, so seeing it in a game will be fantastic.

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