Subscription Service Started by Online Blockchain for New Cryptocurrencies

Leading blockchain company, Online Blockchain plc has launched its latest product in the cryptocurrency market.

Their product HODL box is a fun and mystery box that provides the crypto fan with new and unlisted cryptocurrencies every month. The user has to subscribe for the HODL box for $25 monthly. They will receive the HODL box with three unique cryptos from the company.

Subscription Service Started by Online Blockchain for New Cryptocurrencies

The cryptos received are not traded in any exchange and are listed in small exchanges. It is exciting to collect these young coins. The receiver of the coins is encouraged to research about them. They can also decide to HODL them or withdraw them. The company will also send news and information about these new coins in the HODL box.

The subscription money is invested to buy, mine, and stake some of the new and exciting cryptocurrencies. Efforts required for the acquisition of each token differs so the number of crypto in the box may vary.

Subscription Service Started by Online Blockchain for New Cryptocurrencies

The CEO Online Blockchain plc, Clem Chambers has said HOLDBox is an excellent way accessing new digital assets and it also captures the imagination of a wide range of audience. It gives an idea to the crypto fan about next “Bitcoin” all around the year and thrice in a month.

Online Blockchain is based in the UK, primarily works as an incubator for the development of business on the internet. It is an excellent place for administrators, developers, and custodian of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.

The company is mainly engrossed on blockchain and digital currency associated opportunities. It is mostly interested in incubating cryptocurrency startups and developing innovation in the blockchain technology.

The company has the vision to bring innovation in the cryptocurrency space and decentralized ecosystem. The team has more than 20 years’ experience in pioneering technology.

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