Successful Moon landing: The Moon Show counts +500k viewers

A remarkable landing in front of 584,000 subscribers just took place. In an exciting venture that merges their passions for engaging with the community and the booming trend of live streaming, Carl Runefelt, founder of, and Maurizio Pedrazzoli Grazioli, also known as Mr. M, are proud to announce the launch of their groundbreaking show, ‘The Moon Show’. This show is set to take viewers on an insightful journey through the crypto and Web3 landscape, offering an in-depth exploration of market trends, news, updates, and technical analysis.

Both hosts bring their unique expertise and perspectives to the show. Carl Runefelt, renowned for his analytical skills, will delve into the technical intricacies/aspects of the crypto and Web3 market. Mr. M, on the other hand, will provide a fresh and comprehensive take on trends and news shaping these emerging industries.

We are thrilled to unveil ‘The Moon Show’ to the world,” said Carl Runefelt, founder and co-host of the show. “Our aim is to create a dynamic platform where viewers can not only stay informed about the latest happenings in the crypto and Web3 space but also gain valuable insights from industry leaders and experts.”

Mr. M, co-host of the show, expressed his excitement by saying, “The crypto and Web3 space is evolving at an unprecedented pace. With ‘The Moon Show’, we intend to offer viewers a front-row seat, ensuring they’re equipped with the knowledge they need to navigate this exciting market.

‘The Moon Show’ will feature a diverse array of guests, including top industry leaders, entrepreneurs, experts, and key opinion influencers. The hosts are committed to fostering a collaborative environment that encourages meaningful and insightful discussions.

Our vision for ‘The Moon Show’ extends beyond delivering information,” shared Carl Runefelt and Mr. M. “We aim to provide a platform where our viewers can actively engage with us. We encourage our community to ask questions, share their insights, and learn directly from our expertise. As a token of our gratitude, we are excited to introduce interactive segments, giveaways, and rewards that will make every episode a valuable experience for our dedicated audience.

Maurizio Pedrazzoli Grazioli, aka Mr. M (left), and Carl Runefelt (right) in their new studio

The show will be available exclusively on YouTube, hosted on the channel @TheMoon in the live section. Viewers can look forward to regular episodes packed with insights, discussions, and engaging content that promises to captivate both hosts and seasoned enthusiasts of the crypto and Web3 industry.

Carl Runefelt (left) and Davinci Jeremy, aka DavinciJ15 (right)

Davincij15, the pioneer who saw the potential of Bitcoin when it was just a dollar, shared his thoughts on ‘The Moon Show’: “Crypto is the future of money, shaping fair and honest transactions. It’s new and initially challenging, but once individuals like us step out and proactively share and teach, you will realize how surprisingly easy it is. Let’s share, learn, and embrace this transformative technology together on ‘The Moon Show’.”

For more information about “The Moon Show,” visit The Moon Show Playlist on YouTube: 

Mark Peterson

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