$SUDO governance to be launched soon

$SUDO governance will be launched in the very near future. The lockdrop and the airdrop will be used in conjunction with this occurrence. However, SUDO will initially continue to be non-transferable. Transferability may be made available in this scenario with the help of a standard governance vote.

SUDO happens to be governing the sudoAMM protocol with the utilization of an on-chain OpenZeppelin Governor method. Through the procedure of on-chain proposals, holders will find themselves in the position of voting on relevant issues. These would include matters related to fee switching. There also happens to be the factor of making further inclusions regarding new routers. The question of pool whistling in the case of external contracts also happens to be a relevant issue. Then there is always a justification for incorporating new bonding curves.

The addresses, which happen to have the very base factor of 300K SUDO delegated, will be in the position of building on-chain proposals meant for the governance module. Following a two-day delay in voting and a three-day voting period, all proposals with a minimum of 2.4 million SUDO, as well as a significant number of supporting votes, will be allowed to be implemented.


To exhibit their inclination towards taking part in the sudoAMM governance, all of the $XMON holders will find themselves in the position of being able to lock their individual tokens for a period of one month, which incidentally has been brought down from three months. This time factor will be taken into account at the time of the positioning of the contracts. Following this, lockers will get 10,000 SUDO for every XMON. It also happens to be the case scenario where the beginner trade pool sudoAMM LPs and Oxmons NFT holders make the mark for a SUDO airdrop.

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