Sui collaborates with FanTV to power global Creator Economy

Sui has announced one of the potential breakthroughs in the Creator Economy.  Sui has partnered with FanTV to power this initiative by leveraging the proceeds that enter their collective ecosystem. FanTV currently houses a community of more than 1.5 million members. Each benefit generated by Sui and FanTV shall be distributed among the members of the community.

The proceeds will be utilized to bring onboard creators from all around the world. Furthermore, Sui and FanTV will develop essential rules to ensure that creators have the resources they need to cultivate a proper fanbase and monetize their trade, art, or content. With this evolution, creators obtain a critical understanding of the stance of stakeholders.

Sui and FanTV enable creators to own their content, fans, and identity. Sui and FanTV have already empowered over 20,000 creators to take control of their respective careers. This happened in 2023; the numbers for this year until April could be different. It is expected that FanTV will make numbers public next year, or as early as the next quarter.

Sui has chosen FanTV for several reasons. For starters, FanTV aims to revolutionize the creator economy. So, its objective is pretty crisp, built on top of supporting more than eight languages across 12+ content categories that are viewed in more than 50 countries. The monthly watch hours total around 800,000, and 5 million UserOps have been recorded.

The Sui community has responded positively to this development. Many members have said that they are excited to see how the development unfolds. Others have said that they can’t wait for the magic to happen once Sui and FanTV come together.

FanTV has confirmed the development, saying that it is a giant leap forward for them and the global Creator Economy. FanTV has clarified that Sui has been chosen as its preferred layer-1 blockchain, adding that it ushers in a new era of efficiency and security for the community of FanTV.

The community can look forward to high transactions per second, low gas fees, and high scalability. FanTV has cited Eman, the co-founder of Sui, stating that the community’s love is evident in the way FanTV attracts millions of real users. Eman has been further cited, saying that they are confident about the partnership and mass adoption.

Interestingly, the development has had little impact on Sui Network’s native token, SUI. It continues to rally at $1.05, down by 5.53% in the last 24 hours. The current token value also reflects a dip of 4.62% in the last 7 days and 37.71% in the last 30 days. The fall in the values of Market Cap and 24-hour trading volume is also evident at 5.36% and 15.24%, respectively.

It will be interesting to see what kind of impact and outcome the partnership between FanTV and Sui Network will have on the Creator Economy in the future.

Trevor Holman

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