Suku partners with Chainlink BUILD to expand Blockchain payment solutions

Suku links up with the Chainlink BUILD program for speeding up the expansion of the ecosystem and acceptance of blockchain related money transfers, internationally. This is made possible through receiving connectivity with Chainlink’s oracle solutions and technical backing. In return, SUku will be able to offer network fees to the Chainlink community, service providers, and stakers. 

SukuPay is a service built by Suku that is a convenient method of making payments and exchanging phone numbers for decentralized wallets. This includes 150 countries sans the need for apps, passwords, or user names. These are in the form of international money shifting amongst phone numbers. Suku’s goal is to create its mass usage. 

Suku linked up with BUILD to obtain the high standard of safety and dependability offered by Chainlink’s Oracle framework. Suku will gain several advantages, like connectivity with Chainlink’s features for linking smart contracts with the GSMA open gateway SIM Swap API and the added availability of  Chainlink’s alpha and beta deliveries. 

In turn, Suku will contribute 3% of its conventional token, SUKU, to Chainlink’s service providers and stakers. 

According to Suku CEO Yonathan Lapchik, through Chainlink BUILD, they will be exposed to its platform and speed up the process of accepting Suku. 

Chainlink is a benchmark for decentralized computing platforms boosting the authenticable web.  It has been responsible for initiating an enormous volume of transactions by offering connectivity with real-time data, off-chain computation, and safe cross-chain interoperability to financial bodies, startups, and builders throughout every blockchain.  


SukuPay has set a goal of transferring the mainline action within Web3. Its ecosystem offers and boosts usable tools that make it possible to maximize the exploitation of Web3.

Scott Cook

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