Summing-Up the Recently Updated ‘NEXT Lite Wallet’

The NavCoin Community is gathering its momentum with several updates this week. Recently, its updated NEXT Lite Wallet (v1.1.3) went live for testing. Also, NovaExchange has included a BTC/NAV pair for trading on its exchange platform.

The Wallet :

The NEXT Wallet developers have rolled out the public alpha version of their lite wallet for NavCoin. With that, they have also released a technology preview of the lite wallet on which the developer’s team was working on since a while. NEXT Lite wallet allows you to deal with the NavCoin blockchain quickly and directly, without having to download Blockchain to your device.

About the Update :

Back in June 2018, NEXT was introduced for the first time, with an intention to provide an optional interface for NavCoin Core. Since its launch, NEXT has extended support for many crypto assets such as LTC, DASH, PIVX, etc. Now the updated version holds some new functions regarding NavCoin. These include community fund integration and news along with a marketplace. With the recent release of updated NEXT Lite wallet, users can swiftly send or receive NavCoin again without requiring any download and validate gigabytes of blockchain data.

How to Use :

First, you will need to create a wallet on NEXT. After that, once you secure it with a passphrase, you will be enabled to start using NavCoin immediately. The NEXT Lite Wallet is designed in a way that the private keys will never leave the device on which you are using the wallet. This will give you full control over your wallet. Moreover, the transactions you make will be sent to the broadcast server from the wallet, making them unable to get tampered.

Notably, the developing team behind the wallet is still testing it. If you are interested to test the wallet you can take part in the public beta test. To do so, one needs to download the latest version and join the NavCoin discord server. This also allows you to give feedback for the updated wallet. One needs to be careful when testing the wallets as it is a technology preview version.

Nova Exchange to add NAVCoin :


NAVCoin community is currently working on to get the coin featured on the exchange platforms. Recently, NovaExchange has integrated the BTC/NAV pair on its platform. The users will see more listings in the future.

About NAVCoin :

NAVCoin was found when the discovery of cryptocurrencies was in its initial stage. Since its establishment, it has come a long way in the crypto space. NAVCoin was
Developed in 2014 as an open source and fully decentralized coin.

NavCoin Community Fund :

Additionally, The NEXT Lite wallet gives you access to the NavCoin Community Fund. Currently, there is 119,578 NAV available in the fund with 6 pending proposals and 3 pending payment requests.

Ruti Vora

Ruti regularly contributes in-depth news articles for leading cryptocurrencies. She contributes technical chart-based price updates and analysis pieces on the world's leading digital currencies.
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