Sun Network Will Launch Version 1.0 on 10th August, Reveals Justin Sun

Yesterday, it was announced that the Sun Network will release version 1.0. The date for the release is 10th of this month. The long-awaited project was finally ready to launch. The founder of the blockchain company- Justin Sun revealed this news yesterday on his official Twitter handle. The tweet met with great excitement with four hundred and eleven hearts and one hundred and twenty-five re-tweets within 24 hours.

It is expected that the new launch of the Sun Network will scale up the already existing blockchain. The founder of the company also revealed that the launch of the Sun Network will reap 10 times scalable solutions.  Further, the launch will enable developers to create decentralized applications i.e. dApps on the side chains. This will eventually enable TRON to build a dApp Chain. The founder added the following wisdom in style-

“BUIDL! Slowly but surely!”

As per the prospectus of the upcoming network, the launch of the Sun Network is by extension an expansion plan for the main company. The prospectus revealed that the expansion will involve things such as-


1. Smart-contract application-oriented side chain (dApp Chain),


2. Cross-chain communication, and other expansion projects.



It was further revealed that the dApp Chain is customizable in nature. One of its unique features is to support the dApps to function on an extremely low energy requirement. Other features involve great security, high-end efficiency on online operations. The dApp Chain expansion project related to TRON smart contracts, the prospectus added.

Additionally, the new side chain from TRON will offer free transactions. It will also offer a hundred times lower fees with way- faster transaction confirmation ability. With such kind of abilities and performance-driven platform, the execution time of the transactions that will take place of the side chain will get a good jump of 10 times ‘or more from 50 ms.’ This will indeed back the contract transactions in a solid way it seems.

This version 1.0 of the  Sun Network will make use of DPoS mechanism to make sure that the transaction harmony, as well as the precision of the Network, will run smoothly. Moreover, the users will be able to easily deposit and withdraw between the two chains- main chain and the side chain due to the backing of the smart contracts.

In May 2019, when the co-founder and the former CTO- Lucien Chen left the company, he said that is not comfortable with the heavy centralized inclination of the project by the company. He is not comfortable with the fact that a few nodes will control more than 90 percent of the votes on the platform, which has a very low number of voters. He stated-

The reason for leaving is very simple. As a technical man, I feel very sad that the TRON has departed from the faith of ‘decentralize the web. […] The DPOS mechanism of TRON is pseudo-decentralized. The top 27 SR nodes (block nodes) have more than 170 million TRX votes, and most of them are controlled by TRON. It’s hard for other latecomers to become the block nodes so they cannot participate in the process of block production.

On the other hand, the Founder of the company was also accused of fundraising, in an illegal manner. The allegation involved him offering illicit gambling services in China. He has cleared off all the allegations and resolved the matter. On the matter, the firm stated-

After communicating with the protesters, employees at Raybo [TRON’s Chinese partner] learned that at least some of the people were deceived by the so-called ‘Wave Field Super Community’ scheme that traded on its similarity to the Chinese-language version of TRON’s name to defraud investors.

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