SundaeSwap and the ISO to Go LIVE on Thursday

The long-awaited moment has arrived! The information about the launch of  SundaeSwap DEX is presented in an easy-to-understand format below.

Important Dates and Points to Remember:

  • SundaeSwap will go live as a completely operational beta decentralized exchange on 20 January Thursday.
  • The 1st round of ISO prizes will be determined on 25 January Tuesday. To receive SUNDAE with all 5 ISO rounds, ISO attendees should assign ADA to successful ISO Scoopers before 21:45 UTC on 25 January. More information is available in the section below.
  • Yield farming SUNDAE prizes start on 20 January Thursday. Yield farming would be available for some time in the very first six months of the SundaeSwap DEX, and LP tokens wagered in qualified pools could really obtain extra SUNDAE prizes throughout this time. More information is provided below.

On 20th January, Thursday, the SundaeSwap DEX will become a completely operational beta. Starting on 18th January, Tuesday, initiatives will be capable of creating pools.

SUNDAE will originally be present in 3 formats:

  • Take an active part in ISO (available during Cardano epochs 316 through 320).
  • SundaeSwap, as well as other involved DEXs, allow you to exchange other tokens for SUNDAE. 
  • Farming prizes for yield (available January through June).

The ISO will also begin on 20th January, Thursday, and will last five epochs, with prizes distributed based on screenshots captured at every epoch border (5 percent of the total SUNDAE supply, 1 percent for every epoch).

To be eligible for every ISO prize round, users should delegate before the following dates:

  1. Round 1 begins on 25 January (21:45 UTC)
  2. Round 2 begins on 30 January(21:45 UTC)
  3. Round 3 is on 4 February (21:45 UTC)
  4. Round 4 is on 9 February (21:45 UTC)
  5. Round 5 is on 14 February (21:45 UTC)

One’s rewards would be determined for such epoch individuals staked in for as long as you have been assigned to a formal ISO Scooper before the screenshot is captured.

To be qualified for all 5 ISO prize rounds, users should have ADA staked with qualified SPOs by 21:45 UTC on 25 January.  Your prize will be determined using the screenshot captured at a certain time, as well as the screenshot was taken at every subsequent epoch border. Specifics on how and where users would therefore receive their SUNDAE, as well as how to check the status of their outstanding rewards, would be informed soon.


DEXs utilize yield farming as a type of staking to decrease the fluctuation of their cash flow pools. 500,000 SUNDAE would be apportioned every day to yield farmers partaking in the mentioned liquidity pools for at least the very first six months of the operation of DEX: LQ/ADA, SUNDAE/ADA, CARDS/ADA, and WMT/ADA.

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