SuperFarm and Fantom Join Hands to Power DeFi Revolution

The integration between SuperFarm and Fantom is expected to boost the former’s credentials as a hub for cross-chain non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This association will effectively result in two specific launches: NFT drops and farms, with the latter being launched on the layer 1 protocol. As a result of this strategic partnership, Fantom projects will get a transparent way to incentivize their communities while adding one more use case of their account at the same time.

2021 has proved quite a momentous year for the growth of Fantom as the platform has emerged as a credible alternative to Ethereum. It has caught the imagination of users in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, and no wonder, SuperFarm found it a natural fit for striking the partnership with. The smart contract platform of Fantom has unique advantages up its sleeve – not only can it be successfully used for enterprise applications, but it’s also suitable for hosting several DeFi applications. Many bigwigs in the industry figure in the client list of Fantom, including the well-known name, the SushiSwap. The lead developer at the SushiSwap, Andre Cronje, has been associated with Fantom for quite a long time, a testimony for Fantom’s effectiveness as a hub for cross-chain tokens.

What industry leaders love about Fantom’s layer 1 solution is its cost-effective nature and instant processing capabilities. The solution is quite efficient in making the transactions, and specifically, the use of aBFT protocol by its consensus mechanism ensures that there is sufficient scope of scalability without harming any prospects of the decentralization. This is in addition to the top-rated security that this consensus mechanism can provide with its solutions. Some of the authentic and very popular names built on the Fantom platform include Chainlink, NEM, Band Protocol, and The Graph. And now, SuperFarm has become a member of this rather long list.

According to experts, this association will be beneficial for both companies as there is sufficient scope of deriving synergy from each other’s operations. It will be interesting to witness how this association will pan out in the future and what specific benefits it will bring to the table for DeFi and NFT communities.

Trevor Holman

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