SuperLayer Announces $25 Million Fund Led by Polygon for Expansion

According to an announcement published by SuperLayer, it has welcomed a fund of $25 million as an investment led by Polygon. The entire fund will be utilized for growing the ecosystem of SuperLayer, investing in new projects, and building projects for Web3 space.

Polygon has a record of onboarding millions of users to Web3. It was chosen as a natural partner as it works in favor of entrepreneurs and end users alike. Investment of a $25 million fund also calls for collaborating on levels like partnering with founding members of development & design and fundraising to increase the scalability of some of the best projects that can better meet the demands of the users.

Polygon is a natural ally as its protocols are designed to fix the blockchain scalability issues that are slowing the innovations from happening in Web3. SuperLayer is majorly focused on speed and quality and is not willing to compromise on either of the two factors; SuperLayer chose Polygon as a proud partner in the process.

The collaboration between Polygon and SuperLayer looks to open the doors to segments like GameFi, SocialFi, DeFi, and NFTs.

SuperLayer is now committed to launching next-generation companies that aim to make Web3 accessible to a wider audience. SuperLayer has a successful history of helping projects implement tokenized economies through the RLY Protocol.

Access to SuperLayer’s hand-on startup studio expertise lowers the risk of delivering an unsuccessful attempt. What’s more attractive for SuperLayer is its diversity and go-to-market approach, all of them serving a key role in winning the Web3 space.

Kevin Chou, the Managing Partner of SuperLayer, called Polygon its natural partner while expressing excitement on behalf of the entire team that is looking forward to supporting ambitious projects that will be built on Polygon.

Sandeep Nailwal, a Co-Founder of Polygon, responded by appreciating its unrivaled Web3 innovation and saying that the projects launched by the studio were testament to their expertise. Sandeep Nailwal said that the team was delighted to partner with SuperLayer and is now looking forward to exploring use-cases and products that people want to use with a positive influence on the future of Web3.

A web3 venture studio, SuperLayer, focuses on building tokenized consumer products and applications that are powered by RLY Protocol. SuperLayer is led by Mahesh Vellanki and Kevin Chou, with over $1 billion in exits.

SuperLayer functions with a mission of attracting and supporting the next 10 million people using cryptocurrency. For this, it has started working with partners and teams to launch Web3 projects with its go-to-market approach and proper fundraising process.

Polygon is a blockchain development platform that offers scalable and economic blockchains for Web3. These blockchains are characterized by their security and sustainability.

Solutions of Polygon have registered widespread adoption by hosting over 37,000 dApps and processing more than 1.94 billion transactions. At the time of writing, Polygon has more than 164 million unique addresses and over $5 billion in assets secured in the network.

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