Supra and XenoBunny collaborate to advance AI cross-chain gaming

Supra, a renowned company that pioneered the integration of traditional financial systems with Web3 technology, has partnered with XenoBunny. This cooperation is one of XenoBunny’s advances in the realm of digital games, focusing on powerful AI incorporated into cross-chain gaming. Supra and XenoBunny’s friendship, which combines Supra’s formidable cross-chain oracle knowledge with the development team’s cutting-edge intelligent AI gameplay innovation, is ready to change the crypto gaming market.

Supra’s innovative technology is enabling the development of Web3. In addition to its exceptional efficiency and power, the cross-chain oracle significantly enhances developers’ capabilities with regard to the development, deployment, provisioning, and management of data-centric applications. This platform is crucial for developing smart contracts, allowing them to communicate with one another and transmit real-world data into blockchain systems.

In contrast, the XenoBunny is regarded as an innovative concept within the gaming industry, integrating Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology. This new technology allows gamers to make, raise, and grow their own Baby Xenobunny across many blockchain platforms. This feature enhances the overall gaming experience by appealing to players’ preference for simplicity. Additionally, it enables the construction of cross-links between chains and AI-generated non-fungible tokens, with each bunny having its own unique narrative.

The first 3,500 NFTs were authorized for minting exclusively by Genesis List members when XenoBunny formally introduced its inaugural NFT collection on January 24. Additionally, XenoBunny is developing land NFTs, which are mandatory for combat on the battlefield, and  Player versus Environment (PvE) and  Player versus Player (PvP) modes. These NFTs are obtained exclusively through cross-chain interactions. 

Supra and XenoBunny will use a dynamic collaboration to revolutionize how gamers can interact with NFTs by managing resources from various blockchains. Supra’s cutting-edge cross-chain technology is going to be incorporated into the next official edition of XenoBunny. Users will have the ability to administer their main-chain tokens and cross-chain NFTs via a variety of channels, such as Supra, LayerZero, and Wormhole. With this update, XenoBunny is one step closer to its goal of facilitating frictionless cross-chain interaction for player NFTs.

Joshua D. Tobkin, Supra’s CEO and co-founder, noted that it is an exciting alliance that fully embraces everything mentioned above. Aside from improving XenoBunny’s gaming experience, Supra’s technology will assure fair play and a new degree of transparency in AI games that have never been seen before. This agreement will ensure that players have a fantastic gaming experience while watching their NFTs grow in multiple blockchain ecosystems.

The partnership of such technology with blockchain would undoubtedly benefit the gaming business, providing players with unparalleled experience from numerous degrees on several blockchains. However, as time passes, Supra and XenoBunny’s collaboration will become increasingly apparent to gamers who have long awaited such a union of values that will completely transform the playing field.

Trevor Holman

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