Supra announces integration with Remedi Finance

Supra has announced joining hands with Remedi Finance. The integration enables Remedi Finance to gain access to real-time data. Thereby assisting to operate seamlessly. Remedi Finance is known for offering an innovative BNPL solution for medical tourism, with BNPL being an acronym for Buy Now Pay Later.

Payment plans by Remedi are flexible and only poised to be enhanced after the integration. The mission of the BNPL solution is to make healthcare accessible to users across the globe by bringing together the elements of finance and healthcare.

The development comes after Supra announced entering into a partnership with Shoebill Finance. It effectively helps Shoebill to broaden its Oracle network via integration. Being powered by price feeds of Supra enables them to offer a better lending experience on Manta Network for ETH and STONE. It also builds on the commitment to prioritize security without compromising on quality.

The collaboration of Supra and Remedi Finance is in the early stages. More details are expected to be rolled out in the days to come.

Remedi announced the launch of Remedi Finance in February 2024, calling it the first plug-and-play embedded finance solution for practices in the medical field. The mission is to ensure that partners can attract more patients without bearing any marketing expenses.

It has identified medical tourism as a booming industry. A post published on X highlights that the CAGR is approximately 25.2%, with the target of a $145 billion market cap by the end of 2024. Another reason for choosing to function in the industry is the timely identification of the gap in digitization, which Remedi believes is virtually non-existent in most visited destinations.

The aim is to now navigate patients to safer medical treatments without making them feel vulnerable or unprotected.

It practically makes health treatment affordable by offering the service at 0% cost. Users can divide the treatment costs into monthly installments, helping clinics not turn away patients at any time. As for Supra, the team is coming fresh from unlocking 175 million tokens. Thereby achieving the goal with the help of around 500k Cadets.

That said, Supra DORA’s price feed is now live on Celo. This contributed to Celo’s offerings, helping the platform provide secure and accessible finance services to every user. Celo has a user base that seeks mobile DeFi solutions and dApp development support as a mobile-first EVM-compatible blockchain.

Supra and Remedi Finance joining hands ultimately benefits the users of Remedi Finance while expanding Supra’s ecosystem. Remedi gains access to real-time data to facilitate operations seamlessly. Hence, it continues to provide flexible payment plans and make healthcare accessible worldwide.

Remedi Finance will continue to blend the elements of finance and healthcare to ensure that treatments are well within the reach of all patients worldwide.

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