Supra releases DORA price feed on the Metis Network

Supra has made its decentralized Oracle (DORA) price feeds available on the Metis network. This will facilitate reliable and innovative data services.

The incorporation of DORA price feeds into the Metis network facilitates an advanced system that operates with enhanced precision and efficiency when establishing connections with real-world price data. Developers and merchants in the blockchain industry stand to gain significantly from this revolutionary development. The platform provides precise and current market data.

Supra’s Distributed Oracle Agreement (DORA) revolutionizes the blockchain by efficiently integrating off-chain data. Its sophisticated aggregation module enhances data security and integrity by aggregating data from multiple sources into clusters. This is crucial for smart contracts, in which the DORA verifies the accuracy and dependability of data by requiring authentication from multiple nodes.

DORA contributes to enhancing smart contracts in the Web3 space by emphasizing node consensus, agreement, and validation. The distributed VRF and the Moonshot consensus mechanism of Supra support this. These integrations address concerns related to safety and efficacy in volatile market environments. HyperNova aids Supra’s ongoing innovation in the integration of blockchain data.

Oracles such as DORA are necessary to establish a connection between deterministic blockchains and real-time data. DORA guarantees the significance and integrity of data, which is essential for blockchain interoperability.

DORA establishes itself as an indispensable instrument within the blockchain ecosystem by circumventing challenges such as Byzantine flaws and providing enhanced data. This facilitates the secure and reliable integration of data in blockchain-based applications.

Metis, an Ethereum Layer 2 Rollup, resolves issues such as transaction speed, cost, and scalability that are inherent to the Ethereum mainnet. It offers a variety of products that address the challenges faced by Ethereum.

Metis, a permissionless Layer 2 network, contributes to the enhancement of decentralized Web3 applications. The network features reduced petroleum expenses, expedited transaction processing, economical on-chain storage, and a secure and upgradable infrastructure. In addition, there is seamless integration and a robust DeFi ecosystem. 

Furthermore, the Oracle price feeds enabled by Supra’s DORA are now integrated into Metis. This feature enables developers to request real-world pricing updates, thereby reducing expenses associated with on-chain interaction. Supra is revolutionizing blockchain applications through the improvement of security and functionality concerns.

Trevor Holman

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