SupraOracles Collaborates With Azuro

With the help of Azuro, a decentralized layer for the gambling business, SupraOracles is eager to compete with centralized digital bookies. Azuro enables users to become less dependent on a centralized platform and leverage specified network functions to ensure their wagers are facilitated by developing a fully decentralized and open system utilizing a smart contract.

Conventional sports gambling and prediction free market work together to provide Azuro an advantage over other market components. By incorporating NFTs and GameFi principles into the gambling and prediction markets, Azuro advances the network. Azuro is also the 1st protocol layer to take on the gambling industry and use oracles to produce more egalitarian odds.

SupraOracles will assist Azuro in setting up the smart contract’s criteria and using real-world connections to produce a win-or-lose outcome for the participants. SupraOracles’ decentralized oracle network will guarantee data accuracy. The GameFi elements, regular esports betting odds, match and game information, and the Azuro ecosystem are all conveniently accessible.

With SupraOracles, the sports gambling sector will be less dependent on bookies and be able to manage its own money. This is accomplished by utilizing smart contracts managed by Azuro. SupraOracles will begin supplying match and odds metadata to a full decentralized betting experience, with the 1st independent bookmaker creating a frontend for Azuro.

Based on one’s approach, the top cryptocurrencies could be employed for online crypto betting and investment. Cryptocurrency gambling would apply if someone intended to buy cryptocurrency with the sole goal of attempting to multiply their earnings many times overnight.

SupraOracles aims to close the gap between the Web3 ecosystem and conventional capital markets. Their primary goal is to provide a revolutionary oracle toolkit to the developer community, enabling them to build, deploy, and manage the data apps more easily with enhanced quality, durability, and mobility.

Skilled experts back their initiative with backgrounds in the design of consensus methods, random research, real-time data solutions, investment banking, digital securities, conventional stock exchanges, big data, big 4 consulting, blockchain/DLT, and DeFi. SupraOracles hopes to overcome the oracle problem and eventually drive the destiny of finance with the help of their developer community and expanding network of partners.

The foundation of decentralized betting is Azuro. The level at which gambling markets are developed, priced, and rendered liquid. This is accomplished by combining the three primary cryptographic primitives—Prediction Markets, NFTs, and DAO governance—and a brand-new liquidity pool concept known as the Liquidity Tree.


Azuro-based apps can now offer a competitive decentralized alternative to established online bookmakers. As an outcome, Azuro anticipates a rich, enjoyable gambling environment with lower service costs for players, full transparency, community management, and a dedication to accountability.

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