SURF 2 Earn by SURF Reward is set to transform the crypto market

The crypto world constantly evolves, offering diverse opportunities for individuals to generate income. In the past 18 months, innovative earning methods have gained traction. Among these, SURF 2 Earn, introduced by the new crypto venture SURF Reward ($SURF), stands out as one of the most intriguing developments. Let’s explore the details of this project, its ecosystem, and get an insight into the $SURF presale.

Unveiling SURF Reward

SURF Reward provides a browser extension compatible with all major web browsers, making the setup a breeze. The project states that it “eliminates a significant portion of internet advertising, thereby replacing individual ad spaces with content from its advertising partners. The best part? The profits no longer go to website owners but directly to you!”

The issue SURF Reward addresses is the overwhelming presence of internet ads. Many users resort to ad-blockers, which reduces the effectiveness of advertisements. On the other hand, disabling ad-blockers results in a flood of ads.

Surf Reward presents a win-win solution. It rewards users for viewing ads while enabling advertisers to run more targeted and cost-effective campaigns. Besides, blockchain technology makes the entire process transparent and trustworthy.

SURF Reward is backed by Abelius Capital AG, established in 2019 and headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany. This new crypto venture marks their entry into the decentralized technology space.

Users are rewarded with the $SURF token. Let’s explore how this token operates and detail the ongoing presale.

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Exploring the SURF presale

The $SURF presale is off to a roaring start, having already raised over $156,000. Currently priced at $0.024, the token’s value is set to increase by $0.001 in the next five days before it lists at $0.05.

Of the total supply of 1 billion tokens, 20% is allocated to the presale, with 39% reserved for project rewards, 35% for liquidity and marketing, 8% for development, and 6% for the team. Partners and advisors receive 2%. The hard cap is $5 million, while the soft cap is $1.5 million.

Additional bonus offers are available, including referral bonuses and reward boosters. The reward booster offers up to a 250% reward for presale participants. The more you invest, the higher your reward boosts.

Looking ahead, the SURF Reward team has ambitious plans. They are focusing on staking as an additional income avenue, working to expand the ecosystem. After the presale, exchange listings, SURF Reward extension beta testing, and self-service advertising platform development are in the pipeline.

Final thoughts

SURF Reward is emerging as one of the most exciting crypto projects. It embodies the spirit of innovation, offering novel ways to earn. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the SURF Reward project, learn about the $SURF token, and stay updated through its social channels. Get ready to ride the waves of opportunity!

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