Surreal Events partners with Streaming Global to enhance the metaverse experience

Surreal Events and Streaming Global have signed a 3-year partnership agreement. It enables Surreal XP to gain access to real-time pixel streaming, GPU Multitenancy, and remote rendering capabilities. This marks a significant milestone for Surreal Events, with the partnership being termed a new era of metaverse experiences.

The collaboration brings a way to deal with the cloud services for a seamless experience. XP currently relies on WebRTC protocol, but the speed is just one GPU every second. The partnership with Streaming Global increases it by 9 times for a higher capacity, unparalleled fidelity, and lower rates.

Josh Rush, the Chief Executive Officer of Surreal, has said they are ecstatic to join forces with Streaming Global, adding that it will help introduce the GPU Multitenancy solution to the market. Josh has also acknowledged that Streaming Global is helping to address challenges in streaming gaming experiences that are in high resolution.

Richard Oesterreicher, the Chief Executive Officer of Streaming Global, has responded that they aim to enable unparalleled scale while paving the way for superior unit economics in the market. Richard has also appreciated Surreal for having a reputation for delivering immersive experiences.

The development follows Creal’s unveiling of its AR solution, which is tentatively scheduled to launch in 2024. The venture has raised $18 million in funding, with the round seeing participation from Verve Ventures, Swisscom Ventures, and DAA Capital Partners. Creal is bringing its light field display technology with a holographic film applied to a standard or prescriptive lens. This helps to deal with the challenge of AR and VR headsets, which ideally lead to headache, fatigue, and nausea.

It further deals with the visual challenge by enabling users to see objects closer to 20 cm. Thus offering an immersive and genuine experience.

Regarding Surreal and Streaming Global’s partnership, it is dedicated explicitly to Metaverse and XR. The fact that it brings a combination of multitenancy, pixel streaming, and remote rendering is worth noting. All of them will be available to the users of Surreal XP for an immersive experience.

The partnership amplifies the capacity by 9 times. This is on top of two benefits that the community can count on – visual quality and reduction in deployment of resources. There will then be the benefits of scale and superior performance.

Streaming Global has called Surreal an ideal partner in providing such a solution for the kind of reputation it carries in the market. Surreal is known to deliver top-tier performances for immersive experiences. The technology will now enable users to interact with real-time rendered immersive experiences without needing a dedicated GPU on the client device.

Per the reports, the development is only available in the latest installment of Surreal XP. There is no confirmation if the older versions can be updated to match the innovation.

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