Sushi Joins Avalanche Rush Incentive Program

The Avalanche Foundation recently announced the launch of a novel program for mining liquidityAvalanche Rush. It will incorporate the platform of Sushi. As of today, Sushi is the biggest application of decentralized finance in terms of trading volume and TVL, according to SushiSwap forecast reports. The imminent step of Sushi being deployed on  Avalanche will give every DeFi trader the accessibility of a unique collection of DeFi products that include rewards of high yield farming and near-instant finality. The incorporation of Sushi into Avalanche Foundation will also make Trident, the next-gen AMM of Sushi, a part of the ecosystem of Avalanche with its novel abilities and features to maximize efficiency and yield. 

Sushi has succeeded in solidifying its status as the DeFi Blue Chip with a huge asset growth exceeding $5B within a year of its launch. The platform primarily focuses on multi-chain strategizing. It accomplishes that by making the $SUSHI incentives available to a wider audience. The Sushi DEX is deployed across twenty networks of Blockchain, and the Avalanche Foundation is one of the Blockchain networks that offer $SUSHI incentives beyond the main network of Ethereum. The Director of the Avalanche Foundation, Emin Gün, said that the combination of the community-powered protocol of Sushi with the high-performance capability of Avalanche would greatly improve the experience for DeFi users. 

At present, the Avalanche Foundation is working in close collaboration with top-tier DeFi projects that include BENQI, Stake DAO, Curve, and Aave to provide interoperable lending, mining, and farming services.The platform of Avalanche has recently launched the Avalanche Bridge (AB) to create a diverse collection of liquidity incentives to provide users with seamless access to DeFi protocols. Through this partnership, both the platforms of Avalanche Foundation have allocated around $7.5M as incentives for liquidity mining for a period of three months.The incentives are in the form of SUSHI and AVAX rewards.

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