Suterusu Integrates with Gravity Protocol

Privacy-focused blockchain platform built on the Waves Protocol, Suterusu has successfully integrated with decentralized cross-chain oracle network Gravity. As part of the partnership, Suterusu will help Gravity to strengthen its interchain communication protocol and blockchain agnostic data by applying its highly secure and privacy-focused DeFi functions.

Gravity and Suterusu are both parts of the Waves ecosystem, which makes integration more seamless. Both the platforms are very well aligned, sharing a token agnostic and blockchain agnostic approach. Suterusu is designed to add and amplify privacy to whichever blockchain it integrates with. Built with the trustless ZK-SNARK scheme, it currently provides privacy and security services to giant networks like Bitcoin, Ethereum, STP Network, and SWIFT.

Commenting on their integration with Gravity, Suterusu CTO Dr. Huang Lin said that Gravity’s blockchain agnostic infrastructure is in line with their aim of ensuring privacy protection in DeFi. Dr. Lin further added,

Dr. Lin further added

Being a cross-chain decentralized oracle network, Gravity doesn’t have a native cryptocurrency and provides interaction without offering a primary token. It unifies integrated blockchain networks, and its integration with Suterusu will help both of them to a wide range of decentralized services, avoiding industry fragmentation. As part of the partnership, Gravity will join the Suter Alliance by running a Suter validator node. This will not only further the use cases for privacy-preserving DeFi, but also allow Gravity to become a validator in the Suter trade. Gravity Protocol’s Founder and Waves Protocol CTO, Aleksei Pupyshev said,

Aleksei Pupyshev said

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