Swagga X MetaOasis: A more digitally interactive Web3 world

Swagga has announced its partnership with MetaOasis. Per the announcement, the objective behind the partnership is to build the next level of experience in gaming in the digital world, which is the metaverse. MetaOasis is a game publishing platform. It is likely to assist Swagga in getting started with the metaverse.

The development follows BGaming Alliance opening doors for Swagga, allowing all its members to be a part of the exclusive Community Club in the Swagga metaverse. MetaOasis is known for empowering a new generation of the Web3 ecosystem. It majorly provides assistance in terms of NFT integration, metaverse development, and data analysis.

The community has responded positively to the news of a partnership between Swagga and MetaOasis. Some of them have congratulated the team, while others have called this a great partnership in recent times.

Getting MetaOasis on board means getting the entire set of development solutions. These are divided among Players and Developers. Players get the benefit of a reduction in the learning costs against traditional gameplay. MetaOasis makes sure that only the authentic line of gameplay is provided to the players. Finally, access to the beta version of the projects helps to know how far the game will go.

Most importantly, players will be included for better engagement. Also, players have the opportunity to directly connect with developers to interact with them and help them in making all the necessary changes. These ultimately have a positive impact on the ecosystem.

Developers get all the possible support required for Web3 gaming. This helps them to focus more on developing games than on any other aspect of it. Developers do not have to worry about the stability of prices. It is largely the role of consensus mechanism, which is also credited with helping developers when it comes to non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs.

Finally, it all comes down to game publishing. This helps developers to monitor game performance so that the competitiveness of the game can be improved. MetaOasis Dashboard helps to enhance competitiveness. MetaOasis is backed by investors like SL2 Capital, Web3.com Ventures, and NFTb.

According to the roadmap made public by MetaOasis, the venture is looking to deploy NFT Smart Contract in the third quarter of the current year. It will be coupled with MetaOasis Smart Contract. These could be followed by 1P DAO Form and MetaOasis Web3. A precise date has not been made public as of now, but the community of MetaOasis is hopeful that the milestones will be achieved in Q3-2023.

Swagga comes from accomplishing successful ownership of swagga.bit. This gives the venture a central cross-chain decentralized identity in Web3. This will help them in protecting the brand in the future. Swagga achieved this feat in collaboration with dotBitHQ.

Swagga and MetaOasis announcing a new partnership open the doors for many other platforms that are looking to venture into the metaverse.

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