Swapped Finance announces partnership with Kana Labs for Shardeum

Swapped Finance recently announced a collaboration with Kana Labs. This development welcomed Kana Labs into the Shardeum, a smart contract platform.

Shardeum, which was built on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), will promote blockchain through Kana Labs. Kana Labs will assist in connecting countries with Web3.

Shardible, a firm that deals with the trade of NFTs, also established a partnership with Shardeum. Even though the collaboration was only with Shardeum Africa, it still helped set up a Web3 ecosystem across the subcontinent.

Shardible proudly proclaimed that the platform will bring blockchain to African users. Coming back to the partnership with Swapped Finance, Kana Labs will explore more opportunities in DeFi. The platform will leverage Shardeum to expand its reach as a dApp.

Their collaboration will allow users to find the best liquidity and price in the Shardeum ecosystem. It will also assist them in experiencing increased security across Web3 and DeFi. Swapped Finance turned to Twitter to inform users about the partnership.

It has only been a couple of months since Kana Labs made headlines with its cross-chain aggregator platform. The DeFi project announced the platform for Aptos and Solana, with plans for many EVM-supported chains. 

Names like Ceo, Wormhole, and LayerZero are also core parts of the platform. Besides the platform, Kana Labs also conducted airdrop contests with over 190K daily transactions. Needless to say, the contest was a major crowd-pleaser, elevating Kana Labs’ market status.

The DeFi project is capitalizing on this rising popularity with another strategic partnership. The community warmly welcomed its collaborative efforts with Swapped Finance. Seeing how both projects have successfully addressed users’ demands, their partnership is expected to be a success.

Roxanne Williams

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