Swapped Finance, the Next-Gen AMM, Launches on Shardeum Network

Swapped Finance recently announced its launch on the Shardeum blockchain. The platform will introduce a DEX (decentralized exchange), Staking, Yield Farming, and an AMM (automated market maker) to Shardeum.

Built on Shardeum, Swapped Finance is being introduced as the simplest way to trade and stake assets for rewards. It also proposes other features, like margins, limit orders, borrowing, and lending.

Swapped Finance aimed to develop a user-friendly and intuitive system while presenting utmost security. Shardeum intends the platform to be a flagship DeFi product that can help developers and users for multiple purposes.

Swapped Finance will help Shardeum users complete every operation they can access on other DEXs and AMMs. At the same time, it will expose them to a massive influx of trading pairs with Shardeum’s assistance.

Given the need for Swapped Finance, Shardeum seems to be a natural choice. Its technology and ecosystem allowed the platform to be a leading exchange with highly quick transaction speed and low costs.

Besides these perks, the platform will enable low latency and instant finality with complete fairness. Shardeum will allow the platform to process transactions based in a first-come, first-serve manner. The game fee for every transaction will be constant to facilitate utmost fairness while removing the miner’s extractable value.

Swapped Finance is already operational on its testnet and is scheduled to be released shortly. The coming weeks will see users learning more about its token distribution and tokenomics, and the platform has also released a public invite to its testnet.


Every user that helps, tests and trades on Shardeum testnet will get Swapped Finance tokens after the mainnet launches. They have also released a feedback form where customers can share their views about Swapped Finance.

Trevor Holman

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