Swash Integrates the Filecoin Network for User Data Security

Swash integrates Filecoin’s decentralized storage network to preserve better and secure data that is critical to the digital economy. Swash will use Estuary to incorporate decentralized storage, which allows developers to upload data to Filecoin effortlessly.

As the Swash app approaches a quarter-million users, the initiative looks for new ways to empower the whole community. Integrating decentralized, resilient, and efficient storage is a critical component of this puzzle. Swash opted to move their data to the decentralized web for various reasons.

The Filecoin network provides security against single-point failures since it is a peer-to-peer network that allows data to be dispersed over numerous storage providers worldwide. This means that websites will continue to function even if some nodes fail. Most crucially, unlike the present data economy, information availability is not dependent on anyone, server, or organization.

The Filecoin blockchain ensures data storage by giving cryptographic proof that data stays accessible and unmodified over time, implying that the system is redundant.

Filecoin network storage is more cost-effective than traditional storage providers since it allows anybody to engage as a storage provider and compete for business. It costs only 0.02 percent of what Amazon S3 would charge to store the identical data.

Swash intends to rebalance the digital economy and develop new rules for the data economy as Web3 use accelerates. Its decentralized storage will provide consumers more power and control, help companies ensure high-quality and long-lasting data and inspire developers to participate in a new generation of data solutions.

The Filecoin integration is a significant step forward in the advancement of Web3 Data Unions. The idea is to provide stakeholders new opportunities to interact with permitted data while also resolving data storage and governance concerns. We’re looking forward to embarking on this adventure with the Filecoin community.


Filecoin.io is an excellent place to start if you want to learn more about the Filecoin ecosystem.

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