SWEAR London enters the Life Beyond Metaverse with Darewise

SWEAR London, the renowned 90s footwear brand, recently announced a strategic partnership with Darewise. The Animoca Brands’ subsidiary will assist SWEAR London in launching its first-ever NFT collection.

Skinvaders, the rising tech platform, arranged the entire collaboration on both fronts. According to the latest post by Animoca Brands, the footwear brand is entering the Life Beyond metaverse. Designed by Darewise Entertainment, the metaverse will help SWEAR to enter the metaverse fashion race. In addition, the partnership will elevate the state of fashion, storytelling, and gaming with NFTs.

Life Beyond is an AAA science fiction multiplayer RPG developed to provide a unique experience to players. Its recent collaboration will allow the game to feature a complex virtual society on an alien-based planet. 

It will also involve digital fashion and cultural goods, including SWEAR’s 90s platform shoes. Given the status of SWEAR London, Life Beyond emerges as the ideal choice to uphold its business expression and qualities. 

Darewise Entertainment’s CEO, Benjamin Charbit, also discussed recent developments. As per Charbit, Life Beyond aims to establish a detailed and lush fictional digital planet that uses cutting-edge world-building, storytelling, and technology.

Establishing partnerships with the most talented brands and creators, such as SWEAR London, will create an authentic, believable, and intriguing alternate reality. With Skinvader’s market expertise, the game will also add custom elements to improve its social experience, added Charbit.

Darewise Entertainment is also launching the Creative Solutions team as an in-house creative agency. It will co-produce experiences with projects affiliated with Life Beyond. The platform has also alarmed users to look for such partnerships in the coming months. 

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