QB Exchange And SWFT Blockchain To Offer Co-Listing Packages

Yesterday, SWFT Blockchain announced on Twitter that SWFT Blockchain and QB Exchange will soon start to offer “joint listing packages.” SWFT Blockchain is a platform that aims at offering a simpler, quicker and more secure base for money transfer. They describe themselves as- “one-stop cross chain transfer solution.” It is a cross-chain wallet and payment application that supports its users to buy, send, trade, pay on its platform. It offers a good variety of cryptos to choose from, that ranges over one hundred fifty cryptos. The next generation blockchain platform aims to integrate the leading crypto exchanges to offer a more versatile and dynamic crypto exchange ecosystem.

Recent upgrades by QB Exchange:

QB exchange, on the other hand, has made a lot of new upgrades for better trading experience, the safety of the fund’s transfer and the customers’ data and much more. The crypto exchange was launched back in 2013.

  • The crypto exchange has recently undergone some major revolutionary changes. To start with, look at the impressive processing speed of the trading system of the exchange. According to the official blog of the exchange, the speed is “one million trading amount per second.” Further, the crypto exchange also offers an insight on the trading commands such as- “OK\IOC\GT” and makes use of methods of trading that includes- “lever quantification, MT4 terminal, and social trading.”
  • In the security department too, the exchange has left no stone unturned. It offers a highly competitive “security risk control and anti-DDOS attack system.” According to the blog,

We use a security design based on multiple signatures, off-line signatures, and layered architectures to store 95% of digital assets in cold wallets. […] Completely independent risk control system combined with manual monitoring, we provide 7*24 real-time asset protection and unusual transactions alert.

Other features include A) great system stability (which is based on the fact that the platform is integrated with several networks, a “full HTTPS transmission” and much more), B) high liquidity solutions, C) trading is done with the help of “multi-platform” base, D) high-end security and risk control system, and E) 24/7 “multilingual online customer” support system.

More on SWFT Blockchain:

SWFT Blockchain was in the news for some other reasons too. Recently, TRON Foundation made an announcement on Twitter regarding USDT- TRON. The announcement said that USDT will now be seen on SWFT Blockchain. The CEO of BitTorrent and the founder of TRON Foundation- Justin Sun had the following to say,

“USDT-TRON will firstly bring more users to the industry because it is easier for those who are unfamiliar with the digital currency to understand and accept. As a result, more people will take notice of TRON, and the whole industry will benefit. We believe that with a faster, more economic and concrete Stablecoin payment experience, more ordinary people will start to pay attention and use DApps. In addition, we will offer attractive incentives for early adopters, totaling the equivalent of 100 million RMB, to get existing USDT holders to transition to TRC20- based USDT and advance the potential if the decentralized finance.

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