SWFT Blockchain Host a Freldo Token (FRECNX) Sale in the First GroupCoin

SWFT Blockchain will host a token sale of Freldo’s FRECNX token in the first GroupCoin. The token sale will be at a discounted price from the market rate and will be for a limited period. It will help boost sales of FRECNX tokens, increase their user base and earnings.

The user gets a 50% discount when they buy Freldo token on the duration of the sale. The token sale started on November 07, 2019. Users can subscribe to nearly 100 Cryptocurrencies available on the SWFT Blockchain platform. SWFT Blockchain will convert the cryptocurrency into GroupCoin and allocate several FRECNX tokens due to the users.

The token sale comes with a lock-in period wherein 20% of the total amount to be deposited in the user’s SWFT account immediately, 40% will be deposited after 30 days, and the remaining 40% after 90 days.

The locking period will reduce the chances of manipulation as groups of investors can work together and buy a large number of tokens and then dump them when the sale ends, at a higher value, to make their profit. The allotment of tokens in caches will eliminate the chances of pump and dump.

After a user buys the FRECNX token, he/she can access details of his transaction by clicking on the FRECNX token, which will appear on the top right corner of his Group Coin account.

About Freldo

Freldo is a Canadian blockchain-based solution that connects small and medium businesses with customers. It was started in 2016 as has grown to over 40,000 clients. It gives small business owners access to a large number of customers and customers a variety of options. Users can carry out transactions with each other on the platform in FRECNX, which will be transferred from the buyer’s wallet to the service provider’s wallet. It also allows both customers and businesses to earn extra as it also rewards users just for holding FRECNX tokens.

Freldo ensures that only genuine businesses are listed so that customers are not duped. It also tackles fake reviews by allowing users to recommend any service to only family and friends.

FRECNX is the internal token of Freldo. It can be stored on wallets like MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Tokenary, and ELLIPAL.

Freldo also rewards 5% for every three months to users who hold their FRECNX tokens.

About SWFT Blockchain

SWFT Blockchain enables users to swap over 200 Cryptocurrencies in different pairs. Its wallet app also has SWFT Pay for making payments and one-click in-wallet transfers. It allows users to make fast, secure payments. It uses blockchain, machine learning, and big data to carry out a large number of transactions at high speeds and very low transaction costs.

Thus, token sale of FRECNX on SWFT Blockchain will increase its user base and hence provide small and medium businesses listed on it with a wider client base. Foreign customers will get to know of businesses listed on Freldo, and thus, these businesses will go global while remaining local. FRECNX will bring the world at their door-step. This-in-turn will attract even more businesses to Freldo.

Trevor Holman

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