Swiss Crypto Assets & Institutional Investors Summit Will Be Held on January 18–19, 2020

HCX to host Crypto Assets & Institutional Investors Summit during World Economic Forum on January 18–19, 2020, in St. Moritz to give a boost to digital securities and crypto economy.

“We are reimagining capital markets, and creating a platform for wall street and crypto projects to do business together. Institutional asset managers and crypto pioneers need to come together, collaborate with each other, to take this industry to new frontiers of innovation.”

— Arifa Khan, CEO & Founder of HCX

2018 went down in history as a year that crypto became an institutional asset class. Despite bearish trading sentiment that ensued, Infrastructure was built frantically throughout 2019 by most incumbents, as well as new entrant innovators in the Digital Assets creation, issuance, distribution, trading, and marketplace layers; stablecoin ecosystem with billions of dollars of institutional investment and thousands of Human Resources employed in nascent exchanges and protocols. No other modern tech has seen such frenetic investment and building activity as the Digital Securities & Crypto Ecosystem. Himalaya Capital Exchange (HCX), a security token creation, issuance and exchange platform in making, will hold a two-day Swiss Crypto Assets Summit, in St. Moritz, Switzerland that will bring together some of the most exciting blockchain startups, crypto funds, and institutional investors to learn, explore, and forecast the future of the digital securities and Crypto industry in the backdrop of splendid alpine beauty.

The high-profile investor roundtable will coincide with the 2020 Annual Davos World Economic Forum, by far the most important annual gathering of global financial and economic elite and thought-leaders.

The institutionalisation of Crypto gained pace throughout 2019. Blockchain technology also saw exponential growth in 2019, unprecedented adoption and interest by governments and institutions around the world validating its utility.

The Swiss Crypto Assets & Institutional Investors Summit, St. Moritz facilitates this and is one of the best ways to engage and learn from leaders that are building new tradable digital assets, building liquidity, investing in custody solutions for the institutional class and transforming all aspects of asset lifecycles.

Most conferences focus on the quantity and popularity of speakers. The St. Moritz Summit focuses on unearthing hard-to-find content, real exchanges in an intimate Roundtable format, to learn about developments in the space, roadblocks & challenges, and the way forward for the industry.

Featured sessions at St. Moritz will include:

  • The competitive landscape in Digital Assets & Tokenised Stock Exchanges Ecosystem Tokenization—Moving Real-World Assets onto the Blockchain.
  • Finding Liquidity in Crypto & Digital Assets Markets.
  • What Are Institutional Investors Looking For? Roadblocks & How far ahead are the Solutions?
  • Most promising Crypto projects to watch out.
  • Initial Exchange Offerings & Security Token Activity in (1) Deal Flow (2) Infrastructure (3) Regulatory stages.
  • Launch of Digital Securities Journal-World Economic Forum January 2020 edition

The Roundtable participants will expand their knowledge of the digital asset ecosystem and network with a marquee roster of participants propelling the space, including LA Token, Himalaya Capital Exchange, Swiss Blockchain Federation, Hong Kong Blockchain Association, Naegele Partners, Venture Capital funds, Global Investors in Digital Securities & Crypto space.


Invitees include investors from the USA, Switzerland, and the rest of Europe, Middle East, Asia, Israel. Amongst those expected to attend the event fund such as Consensys, Bamboo Capital, SMC Capital, etc.

Crypto projects (ICOs and STOs) are invited to apply to pitch at the exclusive investor roundtable in St. Moritz and for the global investor roadshow in March 2020. Applications open at

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