.SWOOSH by Nike integrates with Fortnite and EA Sports

Nike’s .SWOOSH is gaining traction in the industry. This is evident from the recent development announced by Polygon’s founder, Sandeep Nailwal. It sheds light on the development of that .SWOOSH by Nike is now being integrated with Fortnite and EA Sports. The integration makes .SWOOSH the second-largest mainstream project. It follows Reddit’s 12mm self-custodied on-chain NFT holders mainstream project.

Sandeep has taken this opportunity to highlight that a lot of Web-related action is happening on Polygon, courtesy of its instant execution of transactions, the safety of data, and the scalability factor.

Termed Airphoria, the Air Max-themed Fortnite experience is open through June 27, 2023. Anyone can experience the change by linking their Fortnite account .SWOOSH. This will grant them access to non-fungible tokens, and the future of NFT drops. The NFT integration with two big brands – Fortnite and EA Sports – allows other projects to explore their chances of integration.

The offering is valid till August 08, 2023. Users who have already linked their accounts can also claim Airphoria Achievement maximum by the said date. It is available at .SWOOSH platform. Notably, the current collection is eligible for integration. It does not grant access to the future collections.

Only the residents of the US can claim the offer provided they are above 13 years of age. Accounts can be linked between June 20, 2023, 12 pm ET, and June 27, 2023, 8 pm ET. Also, an Airphoria pack must be purchased during this time window to be eligible for the Achievement award.

It is essential to understand that .SWOOSH is a collection of Nike’s virtual products, launched exclusively for the community to help them express themselves in games, social networks, and other related websites. Nike’s virtual collection is inspired by some of the most celebrated products explicitly built for the next generation.

Linking a Fortnite account, or any other eligible account, with .SWOOSH gives the community a chance to experience interoperability. This includes claiming achievements or purchasing cosmetics.

Achievements earned during the promotions are for personal use only and cannot be traded within the ecosystem. They cannot be traded on any other network, either. To reiterate, the .SWOOSH achievements are available only for the residents of the US who are above 13-year age.

.SWOOSH achievement can be claimed by accessing the profile section of the platform. Alternatively, one can click the link sent by Nike through its official id or address.

The community – Polygon and .SWOOSH – has responded positively to the development. Some have said they are stoked about it, while others have said it is insane to experience it.SWOOSH.

Head over to the platform and link the account to the claim .SWOOSH Achievements. The integration with Fortnite and EA Sports is live till June 27, 2023.

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