.SWOOSH delivers the first digital-creation collection

Nike’s latest platform, .SWOOSH, delivers its very first digital creation collection, going by the name of Our Force 1 (OF1). This collection was duly created by the .SWOOSH community. The collection is split up into two digital boxes, one of them being the Classic Remix Box and the other being the New Wave Box. The boxes have a price tag of $19.82 and hold within them a digital Our Force 1 akin to the famous Air Force 1. OF1 is a celebratory gesture for Nike having completed fifty years in business. 

Where the Classic Remix Box is concerned, all the connected members of .SWOOSH receive the chance to select a favored classic archive, AF1, delivered from the year 1982 to the year 2006. In the case of the New Wave Box, the members are provided the opportunity to open the doors to a classic archive from the year 2007.

Nike has come up with many ways to buy an OF1 box. On April 18, 2023, Nike will be carrying out the airdrop of the AF1 posters and purchasing the OF1 box. The selection will be made randomly on May 8, and the members will have the opportunity to connect with the sale of OF1. In the case of the whole .SWOOSH community, the date will be May 10, 2023.


According to the general manager of Nike Virtual Studios, Ron Faris, the intentions of Nike to carry on innovating, keeping in mind the association between play and culture, are made amply clear through the OF1 collection. They are also constantly scouring for fresh methods of storytelling as well as bonding. In his firm opinion, .SWOOSH will pave the way toward what the future should and will be.

Trevor Holman

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