Synthetix has taken on Lido Finance’s stETH

Synthetix is extremely pleased to carry out its official announcement of having taken on Lido Finance’s stETH, an asset for leverage trading on Synthetix Perps. This is known to be the latest perpetual futuristic market, and it has the endorsement of SIP 2021, the boundaries for which have been put in place in SCCP 2015. The stETH perps are fully backed only by Synthetix Perps. At the present moment in time, the stETH has absolutely no backing whatsoever in the case of decentralized, as well as centralized perpetual futuristic protocol. 

It is possible to carry out trading activities with Synthetix Perps on frontends. The condition is that they should be able to be incorporated with SNX liquidity, along with fully backing preps-related trading like Kwenta, as well as Polynomial, Decentrex, and dHEDGE. A point to be noted here is that the Synthetix DAO does not come with any sort of trading front end. As a matter of fact, it actually depends on external user-facing protocols in the case of rendering service to traders.  

With the ever-expanding of these sorts of latest markets, there has been a furthering of the number of assets that are accessible in the case of leverage trading, with the help of the Synthetix Perps. Where the pricing is concerned, it will be carried out by the decentralized off-chain Pyth Network oracle. In the case of the fees, however, there are bound to be differences, as they are actually based on the asset. 

The procedure that has been adopted for making additions of fresh Synths onto Synthetix stems from factors that are related to the basic demand, as well as the liquidity factor and the constant fluctuations. It is necessary for all of the markets to have the endorsement of Synthetix Governance via a SIP and an SCCP needed for the configuration of the variables. There is also the requirement of data feeds that belong to Pyth, as well as Chainlink. 

Scott Cook

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