Synthopia, an NFT Music Project by Chainlink VRF Launched

About Synthopia And Chainlink

Synthopia was developed after Audiogylphs allowed access to other collaborators to its digital audio workstation known as DAW. That was a start and what followed was a remarkable result of productive collaboration.

The music project is fully NFT generative. It allows a user to create their music to share with others. The creator also remains at liberty to recreate his or her favorite music.

The web browser playback gives a soothing experience with its lossless quality. The collaborators relied on their experience of working on a virtual synthesizer to deliver the required result.

Chainlink is well known in the industry to keep billions of dollars secured. The decentralized blockchain oracle network enables the users to connect to an external API.

The Launch

The launch of the music project was attained with the equal participation of all the collaborators. Gramatik, Luxas, and Audioglyphs launched Synthopia. They have dedicated the music project to the Metaverse.

Synthopia has been termed a new music format that has been built extensively with Chainlink VRF.

The experience of working on a virtual synthesizer was crucial for the development and launch of the music project. This was shot by Gramatik and Luxas.

It remained a worry about getting into a situation where songs merge and the experience deteriorates. While users still think about it, the resolution to the problem has already been incorporated.

The parameters of playing a song are determined by the music theory. This eliminates the possibility of merging the song stems. Hence, not creating an unpleasant tune.

What You Have To Do

The trend has started with an estimate to go up pretty quickly. The rule is simple; a user must claim the minting code as early as possible. It follows the concept of First Come First Serve.

The minting codes can be claimed from the Discord servers of Gramatik and Audioglyphs. Once claimed, you will further be able to mint 3 Synthopia NFTs.

It is important to note that you must hold Audioglyph NFT, Gramatik NFT, or GRMTK ERC20 token. The mint code that remains unsold will be made available for public purchase at the price of 0.0693 ETH.


Audioglyph issued a statement saying that Synthopia depicts a symbolic relationship between an artist and engineer. It functions on seed-based randomization and has been launched after improving its workflow & optimizing its performance.

Gramatik expressed its emotions by saying that it was extremely hyped with the launch of Synthopia. It added that the wait to hear what the peers create is going to be a long one.

Final Thoughts

The collaborators continue to experiment with the audio and script chain. The future update will likely allow users to recreate their unique version of the song with the data available to them.

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