SYNTHR Protocol forms exclusive partnership with ApeSwap

SYNTHER Protocol is overjoyed to have formed an exclusive partnership with ApeSwap, given their recent ability to secure a liquidity grant, as well as their goal and intention of being positioned on the Telco Chain. In order to properly utilize the benefits of this very partnership, it will be ApeSwap that will be looked upon as the absolute frontrunner for its BSC, as well as Telco’s positioning.

ApeSwap is a decentralized finance platform that is actively engaged in creating provisions for an entire retinue of tools for the future scouring and involvement with the ways and means of creating wealth. This happens to be diligently supervised by the ApeSwap Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The communities and associates connected with it find themselves in the position of being able to readily connect with the next line of financial innovations. This is achieved with the proper utilization of their decentralized exchange, liquidity pools, and utility token staking. Also at hand is the lending network, along with the NFT marketplace. All of this is done in an environment that ensures safety, provides complete clarity in all related matters, and keeps global accessibility in mind.

The partnership will also be involved in other aspects, such as the establishment of syBNB/BNB and syTLOS/TLOS pairs on ApeSwap, which will be done by SYNTHR. They will also be running LP incentive programs for the benefit of all connected ApeSwap users in the long run. Additionally, SYNTHR will take part in the T-Bills on apeSwap launch. The users will then be in a position to obtain $SYNTH, which will be available at a discount, in place of syBNB+BNB LP tokens, since this will be the path forward in the direction of POL by SYNTHR. Another benefit for ApeSwap customers will be their ability to perform slippage-free cross-chain swaps through the usage of the SYNTHR Protocol.


Where SYNTHR is concerned, it happens to be creating a shift from the normal way the moving of assets is carried out. This is done by providing users with the opportunity to connect with smooth and slippage-free cross-chain interoperability and liquidity. The protocol, in turn, makes use of the Global Debt Model for the minting of syAssets. They can then be used to interface with a vast ecosystem of modules to accomplish a range of tasks. It happens to be just about the only synthetic asset protocol that carries out external DEX operations. Its main objective is to create an ecosystem that runs on uniform liquidity, allowing traders to travel freely between networks. ApeSwap, on the other hand, happens to be the highly connected DeFi Hub. It happens to possess all of the tools, the community, and the connections necessary for the able backing of the users’ decentralized finance requirements.

Trevor Holman

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