Tactical partnership between Cyfrin and Chainlink

The Chainlink Labs is a pioneer in designing Chainlink, the market standard decentralized computing system. It will support novel initiatives to access top-quality public and private contracts. The introduction of the strategic collaboration between Cyfrin and Chainlink reiterates that security is an absolute necessity in creating onchain applications.

Cyfrin is the seller of world-class products, including smart contract audits and tools. Top researchers and technocrats in Cyfrin were instrumental in enhancing the security of protocols in the decentralized finance space. Cyfrin CodeHawks, Cyfrin Updraft, and Solodit are some of Cyfrin’s major digital products.

As a market leader in audit platforms, Cyfrin CodeHawks intends to protect protocols and funds via solid security reviews. These security reviews are often carried out by top rated auditors associated with Cyfrin and Cyfrin’s independent community.

Cyfrin Updraft is widely known as a leading platform for the Web3 developer community. The classes at Cyfrin Updraft are handled by the world’s renowned blockchain technologists, security experts and researchers. Solodit is a leading aggregator of security vulnerabilities, contests and resources from blockchain security establishments.

Creation of secure infrastructure is the focal area as far as Chainlink is concerned. The new partnership will pave the way towards a more secure and robust on-chain system. Chainlink empowers the verifiable web in an imaginative and unprecedented way.

Banks, developers and startup companies benefitted from the cross chain interoperability offered by Chainlink. Apps for banking, decentralized finance, global trade, and internet gaming are backed by the explosive potential of Chainlink.

Some of the world’s largest blockchain protocols are equipped with the Cyfrin system. The team at Cyfrin is a fantastic combination of professionals previously associated with organizations like Alchemy, Worldcoin, Aragon, Microsoft and Google.

Trevor Holman

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