Aion (AION) has been in the news ever since it was launched in the market. It is hailed as a revolutionary blockchain platform as it has been created to fix all the previous issues that haven’t been solved by many famous blockchain platforms. It was marketed as a third generation open blockchain, and it was launched with an aim to become a multi-tier blockchain network which was designed to solve complex and unique industry problems and serve the modern digital world. There have been a lot of exciting features on this platform which has resulted in its popularity, and one of the most exciting features is how easy the communication between different blockchains is on this platform which has been achieved with the help of a performance-oriented bridging system. Also, the scalability problem is not new in the market, but this platform has been able to solve that problem too with the help of a performance virtual machine which is used to handle all the execution and adaptability. The blockchain which is responsible for Aion’s overnight success is called Aion-1, a blockchain which is designed to make the transactions and transfer of information smooth i.e, without any interruptions.
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