Ardor (ARDR) News

One of the most attractive and famous names in the world of cryptocurrency is Ardor (ARDR). It is a blockchain platform offering a powerful blockchain environment consisting of an amazing infrastructure which is also customizable. It consists of one main chain and different customizable child change which is fully designed to handle different aspects of a blockchain platform like security, decentralization, and privacy. The main chain at the job of handling data aspects while the child chain is customizable and can be customized by the user according to their needs. All the child chains are handled and secured by the main chain which is responsible for all the transactions processed by the child chains. Ardor (ARDR) is often referred to as Nxt 2.0 as it is based on this platform and also consists of some main features of this platform alongside some new advanced ones too. All the problems that users faced in Nxt were resolved by Ardor (ARDR). It has managed to improve the process of implementation of new blockchains, separation of functionality and security which means that if there is any new project created on this platform, then it will be created as a child chain and not as a main chain.
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