ARK News

One of the most popular and reliable platforms for innovative blockchain technologies, ARK has been a popular choice amongst many developers as well as start-ups. ARK started with a basic aim of becoming the most secure platform which can deliver top quality services to the developers and start-ups. ARK is often hailed as one of the fastest platforms in the entire industry and users have been served with very high-speed transactions. ARK provides all in one blockchain solutions to the user and is highly reliable, adaptable, and scalable. ARK works with the help of a modified Delegated proof of stake also known as DPoS consensus mechanism which consists of around 51 delegates who are responsible for running the networks for which they get block rewards. This platform also has its own wallet for both mobile and desktop users and is built for all major operating systems that exist. The wallet connects you to a fully synced network peers which means that the user doesn’t need to download the full blockchain and hence the user can see their transaction running in real time. That way, the user can make sure if their transaction was confirmed or not, in just eight seconds.
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