AurumCoin (AU) News

AurumCoin is the first decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency which is a stable coin and is replaceable with physical gold. AU is a distributed ledger technology which has its own blockchain since 2014. Only 300,000 coins are mined, so it’s a gold backed cryptocurrency. There are many factors that make this coin unique like it is compatible with today’s standard payment systems and applications, it is perfect for international transactions, it is free of exchange fees, it has its own inner value, it is reliable, safe and stable from the market fluctuations, it works both as a physical and digital currency and it is backed by the solid gold. AurumCoin preserves the value of money and reduces conversion fees. AU make use of innovative technology of cryptocurrency to allow anyone globally to receive and send AurumCoins. AU has a built-in mechanism for market and economic stability as it is based on eth gold standard. To preserve the value of the coin, each AurumCoin is backed by 1 oz of gold which will be stored and insured in high-security gold vaults around the world. AU poses a legitimate alternative to cryptocurrencies, and it aims to provide a stabilizing force in the current monetary system.
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