Bitcoin Cash (BCH) News

With an aim to compete with the likes of PayPal and Visa who are currently processing a large volume of transaction every day, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was founded and introduced to the market of cryptocurrency. The overall goal of Bitcoin Cash was to increase the number of transactions through the network. Soon after its launch, it became Bitcoin’s most successful offshoot with a speed of 61 transactions per second. With a continuous increase in its popularity and usability, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) soon became the third largest cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin and Ethereum, if we take market capitalization as a measure. One of the most popular reasons behind the overnight success of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), was the fact that it was way cheaper if we compare it to Bitcoin. Even though Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hasn’t been around in the market for a very long time but still it has become very reliable and has established a reputation for itself. As it started providing answers to the flaws of Bitcoin, it kept increasing its market every day as people started trusting it and they got very good results as soon as they started using it. With an increase in users every day, it is surely going to be the next big thing soon.
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