Blocknet (BLOCK) News

There are some blockchains in the world of cryptocurrency right now, and the number is seeing a continuous rise, and hence the need of a platform or protocol that can connect these blockchains has seen a significant rise too, and that is why Blocknet (BLOCK) is created. A decentralized, platform as a service protocol which is created to create an environment where different blockchains can interact and communicate with each other at a faster speed and with more efficiency. With the help of Blocknet (BLOCK), one can create their blockchain or can use previously created blockchain while having access to some other blockchain’s functionality. The main component behind the working of Blocknet (BLOCK) is called XBridge which a peer-to-peer protocol created to connect different blockchains. It also helps in the transfer of data and execution of smart contracts apart from connecting the blockchain. It also has a coin exchange protocol for performing cross chain swaps and an interchain data transport which is used to perform the execution of smart contracts. It has come as a welcome development in the world of cryptocurrency and has been doing a really good job. It is definitely going to be a game changer.
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