BOScoin (BOS) News

A decentralized as well as a self-evolving cryptocurrency, BOScoin (BOS) is a totally different cryptocurrency as compared to its peers. It works with the help of an embedded decision-making system which is known as Congress network. Every cryptocurrency comes out to fix a problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible, and this cryptocurrency aims towards solving the problem associated with smart contracts. The main goal of this cryptocurrency is to solve the problem of not being able to decide, that is associated with smart contracts and it aims to do that by using a language which is understandable by a normal user who cannot understand the complexity of smart contracts. It has a systematic decision-making system which takes all the decisions without being biased, and it also makes sure that no single person can gain control of this network. It has its own algorithm to do this work which is known as the Modified Federated Byzantine Agreement algorithm. This algorithm also performs other tasks like high security, managing governance features and managing decentralized control thereby making it a very trusted one.
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