Bytecoin (BCN) News

Introduced to the world of cryptocurrency as a peer-to-peer decentralized digital cryptocurrency, it allows you to participate in the development, thanks to its open source code. What makes Bytecoin (BCN) better than its competitors is the fact that it is designed to maintain complete anonymity. It has an additional layer to provide complete security and anonymity and does that by keeping the transaction address of both senders and receivers private. The process of buying it is also very simple and not too complex, unlike other cryptocurrencies. You can buy this cryptocurrency with the help of any exchange. A transaction is made whenever a user sends cryptocurrency to another user, and there all the transactions that are made are verified by minors and then stored on a blockchain. In this way, the address of the sender and receiver cannot be tracked by a third party which makes this platform secure. Also unlike other cryptocurrencies even if someone knows your address, they cannot track how many transactions you have made and how much currency you have transferred to another user.
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