Factom (FCT) News

Factom (FCT) is a blockchain innovation company, changing the ways businesses utilize and network with their data, enabling you to create trust capabilities and data integrity into systems and application. Factom (FTC) blockchain helps you see the whole world differently. It separates immutability of blockchain technologies from currencies that are generally linked with it. This is what makes it cheaper and simpler for the businesses to store their data on the blockchain. Based in Austin, Texas, Factom operates from Beijing, Shanghai, London, Honduras, and Sunnyvale. Factom uses two different tokens on its network, i.e., Factoids and Entry Credits. Factoids have their chain in Factom (FCT) and can be easily traded like other cryptocurrencies. The coins decentralize the systems and avoid users from spamming the network. You can utilize Factoids to buy Entry Credits via the protocol. The entry credits are known to be non-transferable and can be used only to make payments for Entries or for voting for the Authority nodes. As they have less intrinsic worth, the Entry Credits can be stored in low-security areas with little risks that they could be stolen. Hence, it can be said that Factom (FCT) is a very well-established project which is solving big issues that span around many industries.
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