is a digital currency exchange offering crypto-to-crypto trading of a wide range of coins like Tether (USDT), Bitcoin (BTC), Qtum (QTUM), Ethereum (ETH). It’s a web-based trading platform which is easy to use and intuitive. The exchange offers its services through mobile and iOS apps for its users. The exchange supports security features like two-factor authentication and cold wallet storage. The exchange does not specify any minimum limit for the initial deposit. However, daily withdrawal limit does apply depending on the type of currency being transferred. To enhance the security, the exchange enables two-factor authorization for its users. does not support any fiat currencies, and the only way to withdraw funds is through your crypto wallet. Wallets are provided to all the users free of charge to all the account holders. The trading fee that the exchange charges are as low as 0.2% and it is one of the lowest fees in the crypto industry. The platform uses cold wallets to secure the funds and the transaction on the platform is secured by using SSL encryption technology. The exchange supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies which makes it a good choice for the traders.
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