GoChain (GO) News

Every cryptocurrency that has been launched in the market in recent times has its main focus on at least one issue that has been a problem before, and that is also the case with GoChain (GO) as it has its main focus on scalability and efficiency. The first major lead it took over the other cryptocurrencies came through its proof-of-reputation (PoR) mechanism. When it came into the market, it was marketed as a cryptocurrency, 100 times faster than the other ones, more decentralized, more secure and more efficient. The main target of this cryptocurrency was to improve smart contracts. It is very safe to say that it has managed to meet most of its objectives as it is more decentralized, faster, and consumes less energy. The network already processes around 1500 transactions per second which makes it faster than most of the cryptocurrency networks in the market. As said above, it is driven by a proof-of-reputation mechanism which means that whoever has managed to earn more reputation and the larger audience will be in charge of governing the network. It has an Ethereum based ERC20 token which can be used on many platforms giving it another advantage over others.
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