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Horizen (ZEN) is nothing short of a revolution in the world of cryptocurrency. The reason behind citing it as one of the revolutions is the fact that it is the first ever end-to-end encrypted money network, messaging service, decentralized autonomous organization and content platform. With an aim to increase the privacy of the user, it was created and therefore, launched into this world of cryptocurrency. There are some amazing features like shielding and transparency which assures users that their data is completely private as well as secure. The user identity is also protected completely as Horizen (ZEN) incorporates secure messaging functionality. There are three main pillars which makes it one of the best networks; the first one is ZenChat which has a messaging feature that too on a secure communications network. ZenPub is the second pillar which is a publishing platform of documents. The third one is known as ZenHide which is responsible for crypto commerce blocking. On this network, the user can also buy new tokens that too in a fully decentralized manner. There is also a secure node which is responsible for encrypting all the communications between nodes and the wallet hence making this network very secure.
  • Horizen (ZEN) News
    Price Analysis

    Horizen (ZEN) Drops Below 50.0% Due to Lack of Traction

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    Horizen (ZEN) Trades at 0.2 Percent Against the U.S. Dollar

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